How Angie Got Back On Track At Fit2Live

How Angie Got Back On Track At Fit2Live

This is Angie.

She’s been kicking butt at Fit2Live since October of 2022.

Angie is and was quite the athlete.

She came to us with some nagging injuries and frustrations of how to get back into exercise without creating more pain. She wanted to continue to do the physical activities that she has always loved without causing more discomfort.

She wanted to have fun with her kids and tackle roller derby’s on the weekends.

We started Angie with our best service available, 1-on-1 Personal Training to give her 100% attention on rehabbing her injuries and getting her back on track with her fitness.

We took care of her imbalances and increased her confidence with an appropriate progression.

We focused on steadily increasing her movement and confidence and ultimately preparing her to take the next step in Group Classes at Fit2Live. She hasn’t looked back.

We start all new members with Personal Training at Fit2Live. Whether they are previous collegiate and amateur athletes like Angie or someone looking to get off the couch and take small steps towards adding more health and functional fitness in their life.

Angie sure is glad she decided to take that first step to get started at Fit2Live.

Will you join her at Fit2Live for more health, fitness and fun?

Just book a free consultation with us and we’ll give you the next best steps to getting started on your fitness journey with us.

Angie will be waiting to give you a big welcome high five when you get started.

Some words from Angie:

I started with personal training that helped me with what I needed and now I’m joining the group classes with everyone else.

The coaches are experienced and knowledgeable. The environment is welcoming and positive. The community of people is fun to be around and not intimidating. It’s a great overall experience.

You are given every opportunity for success here and I am so glad I joined.

We are glad you joined as well Angie, keep kicking butt and having fun!


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