Why You Need A Gym Buddy

If you’re a busy person you may be prioritizing rest more than movement to recover from your workday.

This can lead to making excuses as to why you don’t want to spend time exercising and instead want to put up your feet.

Maybe you’re just choosing to go alone and hold yourself accountable to your exercise and/or weightloss plan.

Choosing to go at your goals alone could leave you missing out on better results and reduces your chances of longterm success and sustainability.

This is where a coach, gym buddy or accountability partner comes into play.

Finding an accountability partner has proven to increase effectiveness in weight loss and other fitness programs.

This study from the Journal of Health Communication validates that having an accountability buddy can increase your results and commitment to a weightloss or exercise plan. 

In the study, participants who chose to use an accountability partner lost more weight and waist inches than participants who chose to go at it alone.

The data doesn’t lie.

Find yourself an accountability partner who will support you and keep you focused on your short and long term goals.

Use your spouse, a coach, your kids, friends, co-workers and gym mates to keep you on track to ensure you never miss a day twice.

It’s important to have an accountability partner in your corner, keeping you on track and motivating you to stick to your goals.

Our members at Fit2Live are intentionally surrounded with plenty of accountability from our coaches and like minded members who are also busy professionals trying to make health and fitness a priority in their lives.

Find an accounta-bili-buddy today to stay on track with your fitness today!

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