Meet Bud- 2000 Class Club Member!

This is Bud.

He is one fit dude and a proud member of our 2000 class club at Fit2Live.

Bud wasn’t always this fit.

Bud has been consistently showing up, working hard, and asking great questions in class each and every week since 2008!

You read that right. Bud has been coming to Fit2Live for 15 years now.

Have you found a gym that you want to show up to for 13 years? Bud found his happy place and hasn’t looked back.

Through those 15 years he has seen bodyfat lost, muscle gained, flexibility, strength and stamina increased and most importantly, tons of functional fitness to live his life to the fullest. He has also made quite a few great friends along the way.

He has invested over a decade of his life to his health and fitness and it shows in the form of being fit and healthy.

His investment in his health will certainly pay huge dividends for many years to come in the form of functional fitness and longevity.

Bud is a busy guy. He’s involved in many work projects, he has kids, he has responsibilities.

Even with those responsibilities he places a high priority on moving his body and getting coached weekly.

He regularly attends 3-4 classes a week. He does 1 personal training session each week to work on balancing out his weaknesses. He gets involved in nutrition challenges to improve his body composition and healthy lifestyle habits and he is a staple in community events.

Bud does the simple things consistently and it shows. He shows up, scales appropriately, gets coached, and has a ton of fun in the process.

Bud didn’t start out with 6 days of movement a week, but through consistent hard work and discipline he has worked himself up to that level.

You too can be as awesome as Bud….but you need to start investing and prioritizing your health now, just like Bud did 15 years ago.


Are you ready to invest in yourself?

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We hope to see you soon!



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