Is Your Inner Circle Helping or Hurting Your Progress?

Were you aware that a significant 95% of your success or failure can be linked to the company you keep?

Whether it’s a friend, accountability partner, coach, neighbor, or roommate, having a supportive circle is crucial for your journey.

Consider this: do the individuals in your inner circle contribute to your progress, or do they hinder it?

Let’s face it, there might be people in our lives who, albeit unintentionally, work against our health and wellness goals.

To help you discern who is truly on your side, here are two valuable tips:

Tip #1 – Conduct an Inner Circle Inventory

With my nutrition clients, I often recommend evaluating the five people with whom they spend the most time. Ask yourself:

  • Do they support your health and wellness goals?
  • Do your core values align?
  • Are they growth-minded?
  • Do they uplift you when you’re feeling down?
  • Do they hold you accountable or enable you?

Tip #2 – Cultivate Closer Bonds with Supporters and Distance Yourself from Detractors

Making a conscious effort to spend more time and communicate with those who support you can make a significant difference. Consider scheduling a workout together or engaging in social activities like dinner or game nights.

If you find that someone in your inner circle isn’t aligning with your goals and you need support, we’re here for you! The community at Fit2Live is one of the best in the city and our coaches are ready to support you in your Health and Fitness journey.

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