What Problem Do You Want?

With any decision you must first ask yourself a simple question:

Which problem do I want to deal with in the future?

This question is a measure of trade offs between immediate discomfort for a long term reward.

Here are some real world examples:

You could sit on the couch and binge Netflix, but it will lead to long term hip problems and likely a problem of overweight and obesity in the long term.

You could put that workout off for another day but it will likely lead to weight gained and muscle lost.

You could choose to skip that glass of water because you don’t like the taste but it will lead to a headache later in the day or tomorrow…..or cramps in the middle of the night.

You could choose to eat processed carbs because they are easier to buy, cook or just taste better but at the cost of chronic illness and obesity later in life.

You could choose to just do cardio because it’s easier but at the risk of less muscle mass and function later in life.

You could choose to only lift weights all day but at the cost of not being able to chase after your dog or kids in a year.

You could choose to get less sleep because you’re too busy to sleep but at the expense of being a zombie the next day.

What problems are your decisions leading you to in the long term?

Can you start to make simple choices that will change that trajectory to a positive one?

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Next time you hit play on the remote or ask to supersize the value meal, ask yourself is this decision leading to more problems in the future?

You got this!



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