Why I Became a Fit2Live Nutrition and Wellness Coach

Where I Started

I have been teaching fitness classes since I was 19 years old. I have been a part of a lot of fitness trends and evolutions, some were great, some were not so great. I have also been a part of an evolving health and wellness industry which has had a large impact on who I am today. 

For the first 20 years of my fitness career, I would teach several classes a week, this included not just coaching the classes but also leading the class through the exercises. I burned a lot of energy so I did not pay much attention to my food intake. When my clothing got too tight, I would follow the plan of whatever diet was most popular at the time, all of these required food restriction of some kind without really teaching me how to fuel my body properly. Each time I would give up the foods that the plan outlined and when the month was over and I had lost the weight I needed to fit comfortably into my clothing again, I eventually returned to my previous eating habits. 

Twelve years ago I began my journey with CrossFit. In the Level 1 training we learned that nutrition was the base of the wellness pyramid. I took this information in but I did not take it to heart. I really just loved working out and I figured the rest would take care of itself. I also love to eat and the little rebel inside me does not like being told what I can’t do or have. 

My Nutrition and Wellness Coaching Start

About 4 years ago, with my energy completely out, my energy intake plan stopped working so well and, as I did some research and some soul searching, I began to realize that I had been looking at food all wrong. It had always been a reward or a consequence. If I did a hard workout that day, I deserved a treat, if I was stressed, I deserved a treat,  if I took a much needed rest day or had too many treat days in a row, I needed to cut back and eat low calorie foods for a few days.

This was a damaging cycle and I was starting to see my workouts decline, my body not recover from workouts and my energy levels were low even after a day off. 

The more I thought through these things, the more I read up on nutrition, the more I understood that food is not good or bad and what I eat does not make me good or bad, nor does the number on the scale determine my value as a person.

Food is food, it is energy and it can bring delight.

When I was asked to consider being the nutrition coach, my first reaction was “no, I do not have this whole nutrition thing figured out and I am nowhere near perfect in this. What kind of example would I be?” As I got into my Nutrition and Wellness Coaching training I quickly realized that building healthy, sustainable habits was exactly what I needed to frame my nutrition and wellness journey. I needed to focus on the elements of wellness like good hydration, good sleep, stress management, eating enough vegetables and protein. My personal mantra is now progress over perfection which I share with my clients more than they would like. Sometimes all we need is someone to walk along with us to keep going in the right direction. That’s where our Nutrition and Wellness Coaching Program comes in.

How I Can Help You

I am excited to walk along this journey with people who want to learn how to fuel their bodies in the best way possible to live the lives they want to live. It is a privilege for me to help people be the best version of themselves as I continue to work toward being the best version of myself. I am excited to Coach you on healthy, sustainable lifestyle habits and to hold you accountable and keep you focused along the way!


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