Why I Needed a Personal Trainer

I started working with Coach Brandon at the end of last year, shortly after I had finished Physical Therapy for a shoulder injury.

I wanted to work with a trainer to rebuild my strength and confidence in overhead movements as well as my Olympic lifts. Brandon did an initial assessment where he carefully noted imbalances in my upper body strength as well as an imbalance in my lower body due to an injury from several years ago. We worked together once a week on technique and slowly building strength and he gave me exercises to do on the off days to supplement what we were doing in our sessions.


Results and Confidence

When we began working together, I was barely able to lift a 5lbs dumbbell overhead, now I can confidently lift a 20lbs dumbbell overhead. I was nervous about putting the 15lbs training bar in the overhead position because I did not want to re-injure myself and I had restricted myself to doing snatches with the PVC.

Seven months later, we did a retest of these movements and I am up to 87lbs with the strict barbell press and 85lbs with the snatch! Not only have these movements improved, but so have my back squat, deadlift and clean & jerk. Good technique and consistent training has allowed my numbers to increase at a time in my life when I did not think that was still possible.


The Path Forward

I continue to work with Brandon to refine my technique. Brandon is great at what he does! He sees movement well and has lots of ways to help correct movements patterns that are not what they should be.

I now look forward to workouts with Olympic lifting in them and feel confident pushing myself because I have regained the strength and stability that I lost during the injury/recovery process.


Email [email protected] to get some 1-on-1 attention from one of our excellent coaches.