Here we are at week #6 of 6 of our push-up and kipping pull-up goals.
We’ll go out strong this week with a 60 second iso push-up hold after each standard warm-up.
We’ll knock out strength work on Tuesday with a max shoulder press and Wednesday with a max back squat.
Monday will be a day for one more kipping pull-up progression and practice before our re-test next Monday.
We’ll knock out a very gymnasty chipper on Monday with wall walks, deck squats, push-ups, v-ups and pull-ups! Tuesday’s workout will be several EMOM 5’s with box jumps and devil presses! We’ll tackle an AMRAP 12 on Wednesday with a light barbell complex and plenty of calories on the rower, bike or ski erg. Thursday will be a single arm and single leg AMRAP 16 with lunges, RDLs, rows and swings! Friday’s workout will be all about grunt work with a burpee box step over combo, calories, and rope climbs, wear your long socks or pants. We’ll wrap the week up with a combo benchmark day of “Grace” followed by a 2k row!
Never whine, never complain, never make excuses. Complaining doesn’t solve problems, it creates them. The more you complain, the more problems you will have.