The Fit2Live Milestone Program!

Introducing the Fit2Live Milestone Program!

Our Mission at Fit2Live is to give our members the BEST hour of their day. Specifically, it’s to impact 12,000 lives in Ann Arbor and the surrounding community.

We use this Mission to drive every decision we make behind the scenes, every workout that gets programmed by our Coaches, and every conversation and interaction we have on a daily basis in and outside of our green and gray walls.

This is one of those decisions that was a no brainer. The decision to reward YOUR hard work and consistency as well as your priority of making health and fitness a part of your life.  Our goal is always consistency over intensity. Just show up, scale appropriately, be coachable and have the best hour of your day.

We are extremely excited to bring this new initiative to highlight our amazing members. Just remember, this is all part of the journey. Stick with it and keep being consistent, your hard work will pay off and we want to celebrate it with you!

The Fit2Live Milestone Program will do just that!

The Details:

What is it?

The milestone program will reward you with a custom milestone t-shirt for each milestone that you hit along your fitness journey for your CLASS ATTENDANCE at Fit2Live.

On top of that, you’ll get even more recognition for becoming a member of the 1000, 2000 and 3000 club at Fit2Live with some special gifts and a brief post class recognition ceremony.

Instead of starting everyone at zero, we want to recognize everyone’s hard work at Fit2Live over the last 14 years. Because of this, we’ll start you with the milestone and t-shirt of your LAST milestone achievement. We will also be grandfathering those who have been with us 10 years or more into the 2000 club where they will receive a 2000 club t-shirt, a 1000 club plaque on the wall AND a 2000 club banner hung around the mezzanine.

Here are all of the milestone rewards coming your way!

100 Club

Great job on hitting your first class attendance goal of the 100 club. You’ve started to prioritize your health and are well on your way to a lifetime of fitness! Wear the 100 silver club t-shirt with pride and confidence knowing you did a hard thing, you got started!

250 Club

Congrats on your second big milestone. You are definitely starting to get PR’s and build a great habit for yourself. Proudly wear your red 250 club t-shirt!

500 Club

This is HUGE. Congrats on getting to 500 sessions. You are halfway to the 1000 club! Rock that 500 club royal blue t-shirt!

750 Club

You have truly revolutionized your life by this point. Great job. You are feeling, looking and moving your best now. Enjoy your orange 750 club t-shirt!

1000 Club

Incredible! By this point you really have added 10 quality years to your life. As a huge reward you now have your own 1000 club plaque hanging up at Fit2Live as a monument to everything you’ve achieved as well as a sweet Fit2Live green 1000 club t-shirt!

+ 1000 Club Plaque on the wall!


If you walk into Fit2Live, one of the first things you will see is a wall dedicated to these high achievers and we want to put their success right out in front! It takes some time and dedication to get into one of these exclusive workout clubs, but that’s what it’s all about after all…consistency

1500 Club

You’re continuing to crush it! This is who you are now and there is no looking back, you have added decades to your life and continue to spread the fitness love to your friends and family. Rock on with your flashy pink 1500 club t-shirt!

2000 Club

UNSTOPPABLE! You’re 2000 classes and likely close to a decade in to your fitness journey at Fit2Live, seriously awesome! Health and fitness is who you are now, you love it and it has rewarded you greatly with more functionality and longevity that will be in your life forever. Wear the black belt of t-shirts proudly with an amazing 2000 club logo to show!

+ a 2000 club banner hung proudly around the mezzanine at Fit2Live with a very special post class ceremony cheering on your accomplishment. YOU ROCK!

2500 Club

This is amazing, it may seem like another shirt for you at this point, but you should wear the purple 2500 shirt proudly as you continue to kick some serious fitness ass and inspire us all to be better and more consistent. You are the purple role model of success!

3000 Club

Words cannot express your dedication to your health and fitness at Fit2Live. You are an idol and and inspiration to us all. Your very presence makes us all more fit. When you wear your gold 3000 club t-shirt, everyone will acknowledge your achievement and be instantly inspired and motivated to follow your path. You are the definition of consistency.
+ Benchmark workout completed every year on your birthday in addition to a post class ceremony celebrating YOU!


To kick off the Milestone Program we’ll be rewarding everyone with at least 100 classes under their belt with their appropriate milestone t-shirt. Please try to join us for the buddy workout, milestone ceremony and open house that day, let’s celebrate together and with your friends and family, you’re kind of a big deal!

What Milestone Will I Start With?

You will be rewarded a t-shirt of the last milestone you hit. If you are currently at 1001 classes, you’ll be rewarded a 1000 club t-shirt and you’ll proudly have a 1000 club plaque raised on the wall.

Those special members who have been with us 10+ years will be grandfathered into the 2000 club and that will also be their starting point for class milestones going forward.

How will I know when I’ve hit a milestone?

You’ll be notified by Sasha when you’ve hit your latest milestone. She’ll find the next class you’re coming to, snap a quick pic of your milestone and a round of applause from the class you’re in. We’ll also have a big board at Fit2Live of your current milestone placement.

At the start of every quarter, we are going to announce the newest members of the #MilestoneClubs. You will see an email with this update, a Facebook post and a post class celebration done in their honor. We will evaluate the attendance every quarter and will also publish the TOTAL CLASS ATTENDANCE leaderboard at the end of the quarter so you can see how many total workouts you have and how close you may be getting to entering into the #CommittedClub.

What about the old committed club?

We will still recognize those who achieve 20 classes in a month in our newsletter and on the black board at Fit2Live as this is quite the accomplishment. You will now receive bragging rights for your accomplishment instead of other goodies. But wait, there’s more!

Each month you make the committed club, your name will be put into a drawing at the end of the year where you could win a FREE Nutrition Challenge in January! Make the monthly committed club 7 times in a year and you’ll have 7 entrees to win a FREE Nutrition Challenge. WOOT WOOT!


This infographic should help visualize your journey as well.


Look for more details and updates on the Fit2Live Milestone Program going forward.

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