Hello Everyone, 

This week, the hollow body hold hanging from the bar goes up to 35 seconds every day after the warm up. 
The workouts start this week with some intention by testing and working on upper and lower body strength, and then improving our aerobic and anaerobic work capacities. After that, the week progresses in to some more fun workouts that will still push you hard, and improve your fitness.  Monday’s workout is strict pull up strength followed by a countdown of rowing calories and alternating dumbbell snatches. Tuesday you will test your Max from squat, and then you will work on your anaerobic capacity with wall balls and burpees.  Wednesday will be a 12 days of Christmas workout. Thursday is a deck of cards workout. Friday is a AMRAP 30 partner workout with barbells, jump ropes, and other fun stuff.  Saturday is a Christmas Day workout which will be coach Sharon’s choice.

Work hard. Have fun. And happy holidays!