How We Train For Life at Fit2Live

How We Train at Fit2Live

At Fit2Live, we don’t train to make it to the CrossFit Games or to lift a thousand pounds, we train to prepare ourselves for the demands of our everyday lives, whether that be mental demands or physical.

We train to have longevity with our physical capacity.

We want to acquire strength, mobility, and endurance now so we can continue to use them in our 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and even at the age of 100!

It just so happens that when we do this we also have the ability to lift heavy things up, run longer distance and do MORE active things with our body.

Walking on a treadmill at the same pace everyday or doing infinite bicep curls will not help you pick up a box, sit down to the toilet or run away from a bear.

You are only as fit and prepared as your body has trained for.

Looking to minimize the damage from an icy fall? Maybe to improve your cardiovascular health? Maybe just to keep up with your kids and grandkids?

We’ve got you covered and then some.

At Fit2Live, we aim to be slightly better than we were yesterday, to do hard things, and to have fun and support each other in the process.

By doing this on a consistent basis we not only become more resilient in our regular lives but we also drastically improve our health, happiness, functional fitness and overall longevity.

Modern life may be cushy, but you never know what will happen. And even if you never need to flee a bear or clear a clifftop, the more well rounded your fitness, the more freedom you’ll have to enjoy a broad swath of life’s activities — and the longer you’ll be able to do so.

That means your training needs to be well rounded, too.

At Fit2Live, we call that “variance,” and it results in fitness that is broad, general, and inclusive. Our members don’t train to be the strongest, fastest, or most gymnasty but rather to develop all aspects of physical fitness to their greatest capacities.

This means we train without specializing in any one skill at the expense of others. We want to be as well balanced human organisms as possible.

In practice, it looks like deadlifts, cleans, squats, presses, clean and jerks, and snatches. It means practicing the basics of gymnastics like push-ups, pull-ups, squatting and sit-ups as well as having a base in cardio respiratory movements like biking, swimming, rowing, and running, and then mixing all these elements in as many combinations as creativity will allow.

We train for life — what we call general physical preparedness (GPP).

In other words, the more we expose ourselves to and prepare ourselves for, the better prepared we will be to complete the natural movements and tasks in the real world, and the longer and healthier we’ll be able to do it.

We all need to pick things up off the ground, we all need to squat down to a toilet (I hope), we all need to put things on the top shelf and carry the groceries up the stairs and into the house. So why wouldn’t we train for that? Why wouldn’t we make ourselves stronger with those movement patterns to make doing those regular activities even easier and to reduce the risk of an injury by being prepared for these everyday, common movements.

“But I love marathons,” you might say. Or rock climbing. Or skiing.

Good news! Training for GPP alongside your sport-specific training will make you a better specialist, too. As the quote goes, you are only as strong as your weakest link. Fixing these weak links, these deficiencies, whether it be getting stronger for a marathon runner or yogi, getting faster for a powerlifter, or getting more mobility from a triathlete, training at Fit2Live has immediate benefit within your sport and very often in ways not quite obvious mechanically and perhaps metabolically.

“For instance, more pull-ups make for better skiing and skiers. Upper-body pushing movements make for better rowing and rowers. Explosive anaerobic training is a blessing to endurance athletes.… Training at Fit2Live will for many sports reduce the total training volume, reduce training injuries, and allow more time for vital sport-specific skills and drills.”

Training for Balance

At Fit2Live we train for balance. This means that if we run 2 days in, we better be working those hamstrings to balance out the quad dominance. If we sit at a desk all day, our coaches will work hard to improve your posture and strengthen your mid back and core muscles. Balance is key and thus we must train to balance out our strengths and our weaknesses. We want to be above average at everything and prepared for anything life throws our way.

Here’s the thing about training for GPP, though: You’ve got to do the stuff you don’t like. There’s a saying: “We fail at the margins of our experience.” So if you never practice — or really strive to improve upon — your weaknesses, you’ll always have a gap in your GPP.

And what good is it that you can outlift a bear if you can’t outrun one, too?

Keep showing up, working hard, high fiving your fellow F2L’ers and enjoy the balance, preparedness, health and longevity in your everyday lives.







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