Do I Have To Be Fit To Start at Fit2Live?

Do I Have To Be Fit To Start at Fit2Live?

It’s a question we get a lot for new members starting or interested in joining our program.

The short answer is no, you absolutely do not have to be a professional fitness’er to start your fitness journey with us.

We actually prefer you to not have high levels of fitness, this way we can mold you into a well balanced human with tons of great healthy habits to show for it.

If you were struggling in math class, would you wait until you got better at math to hire a tutor?

If you wanted to ensure that you had enough money to live on in your retirement, would you wait until you were already wealthy to seek the expertise of a financial planner?

Waiting to “get fit” to start at Fit2Live is like waiting to hire a guitar instructor until you learn to play the guitar.

Get it?

The obvious answer to these questions is “no.” You would seek out the assistance of someone trained to help you overcome your hurdles and make progress toward your goals. A math tutor, financial planner, and guitar instructor can do just that, regardless of what your current math skills are, what your investment portfolio looks like or if you can slap the bass with the best of them.

These two scenarios are directly parallel to the title of this article.

If you want to improve your health and fitness, it only makes sense that you START with Coaches, a community, a program and a business that has demonstrated time and again to be the most effective for developing truly well rounded and balanced fitness.

That’s Fit2Live. We’ve been around for 13 years for a reason.

Our members love writing about us for a reason.

Starting a running program to try to get in shape for Fit2Live is like taking a science class to help you with your math struggles. There might be some carryover, but it ultimately won’t get you to the end goal.

You should join Fit2Live to become fit; you don’t become fit to join Fit2Live.

While we understand that starting a new fitness routine can be intimidating, there is truly no better place for you to take that first step than Fit2Live.

Fit2Live Coaches are experts in the art of scaling and modifying workouts to meet you where you are.

Much like a math tutor can break down the complexities of algebra and create structured drills for you to practice so you can improve, each Coach at Fit2Live will do the same for complex functional exercises.

Getting started at Fit2Live is much easier than you might think.

Just schedule your first conversation with us with a Free No Sweat Intro Consultation.

We’ll get to know your goals, where you are at with your current fitness, and what the BEST next steps are for you to get the ball rolling at Fit2Live.

For most, this includes starting with our individualized foundations program.

Each Fit2Live member once had the same hesitations as you to start something new.

They all made a decision to take that first step to come chat with us.

They too felt your struggles and fears.

They made a choice to take that first uncomfortable step and overcome the fear of getting started.

We are excited to see you do the same!



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