Consistency > Intensity

Consistency > Intensity.

Intensity will get you through the day.

Consistency will get you through your life.

Sure, you could show up one day a week to the gym and blow a workout out of the water and feel good about it. The next day you’ll feel like you got hit by a truck and then you won’t do anything for a week after that.

You could also eat nothing but chicken and broccoli for a day or a week at a time, but that intense diet will get old real fast and you’ll quickly start to hate life and revert back to eating pizza and donuts.


You could make small, consistent tweaks everyday in moderation which will lead to repeatability forever as well as a lot less pain and frustration along the way.

You could change your mindset and outlook to one of a long sustainable horizon instead of a short and temporary horizon with a drop off.

You could wait for bouts of intense motivation to come and go.


You could commit to doing a little something everyday that will move the needle appropriately forward each and every day…..forever.

Live your life on an infinite linear path upward, rather than a wild and painful roller coaster ride of extreme peaks and valleys.

5 minutes of movement a day for 7 days is better than 1 hour a day once a week.

Making a healthy food swap 1-2 times a day forever is better than eating 100% clean for 1 day a week or 1 month a year forever.

I’m not saying don’t sprinkle in some intensity here and there, just don’t live and die by it.

Play the long game, embrace the journey, scale the intensity appropriately along the way.

Consistency > Intensity.

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