5 Tips For a Healthy Halloween

5 Tips For a Healthy Halloween

The Halloween season means pumpkin carving, having fun in costume, and of course, a plethora of sugary temptations.

Try some of these tips for balancing out the candy overload while still enjoying the Fall festivities.

1. Cook with pumpkin.

*We love using pumpkin in soups and baked goods.

Try this butternut squash soup recipe and substitute pumpkin for a fall treat.

2. Make your own healthy treats.

*Some of our favorites include apple nut butter and frozen banana boo pops.

3. Get creative at home for Halloween.

*Make a dinner where all the elements are Halloween themed or have a spooky crafts party.

4. Stay well hydrated.

*Make water the drink of choice and pair it with every meal and snack. A good goal to aim for is half your bodyweight in ounces of water each day.

5. Limit leftover candy.

*Choose 5-10 pieces to save and then get rid of the rest. Many dentist offices in the area will take your leftover candy in exchange for cash.






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