Weekly Rundown October 11th-17th

Happy Sunday F2L’ers and happy birthday to Coach Robbie!
This week we’ll bump the yogi squats up to 80 seconds this week after each standard warm-up.
We’ll kick the week of workouts off on Monday with more snatch technique work, this week lifting from the floor and adding a pause just above the knees as we start to blend together and practice the very functional full squat snatch. We’ll follow the snatch work up with Rob’s super simple and effective 30th birthday workout involving front rack kettlebell lunges and butt slap burpeese (his personal favorite). We’ll knock out back squats on Tuesday, increasing loads from previous weeks followed by an AMRAP 12 of ground to over the shoulder and chest to bar pull-ups. Wednesday’s workout will start with shoulder presses for strength followed by 7 rounds for time of deadlifts, ring dips and box jumps. Thursday will be a very active partner recovery workout with rowing, biking, sit-ups and v-ups! We’ll finish the work week with a bang of thrusters and burpeese on Friday. The week will be wrapped up on Sunday with a mix of “Isabel” and “Cindy”, snatches and gymnastics, oh yeah!
Have an excellently awesome week of training and working hard towards more functional fitness for life!


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