20 Solutions to 20 Problems

Not sure what exercise to do –> Squat


Feeling stuck –> Move your body WITH a community and a Coach


Not sure what food to shop for –> Stick to perimeter of the grocery store


Feeling overwhelmed –> Close your eyes and take deep breaths


Still feeling overwhelmed –> Move your body AND get outside


Having trouble staying on track with nutrition –> Plan your week of meals ahead


Need clarity –> Journal your thoughts and reflect


Not able to hit a body composition goal –> Track what you’re putting in your body


Feeling lonely –> Have a genuine conversation with someone


Still feeling lonely –> Call your loved ones or a friend


Having late night cravings –> Brush your teeth


Need focus –> Use the 25 minute Pomodoro Technique


Feeling tired –> Go to bed


Feeling underappreciated –> GIVE appreciation


Feeling hungry –> Drink water


Feeling mad or frustrated –> Smile and laugh


Not sure how much water to drink –> Half your bodyweight in ounces


Comparing yourself to others –> Look at how far YOU have come and what YOU have already achieved


Feeling bored –> Be curious


Feeling anxious –> Take action on something NOW