3 Tips To Help You Save Time During Your Meal Prep

3 Tips To Help You Save Time During Your Meal Prep


Do you struggle with spending hours in the kitchen meal prepping for the week?

The problem is most people either make it too complicated or don’t start with a plan.


Here are 3 tips to simplify meal prepping.


#1. Pick Your Staples For The Week & Get Them Prepped

We recommend picking 1-2 breakfast staples and 2 protein staples for the week.

Try to pick options that don’t use the same kitchen utensils that might slow you down.

For instance, our staples might be:

  • Overnight oats for breakfast (balanced with protein carbs and fat) RECIPE
  • Egg muffins (pair with fruit to make balanced) RECIPE
  • Crockpot chicken (use for tacos or stuffed sweet potatoes) RECIPE
  • Egg roll in a bowl (pair with roasted veggies to make a balanced meal) RECIPE


#2. Go Shopping With A List & Block Off Some Time To Prep Right Away

Have you ever been to the grocery store and bought things you didn’t eat? Guilty!

When you go to the store hungry and without a list, you end up buying extra things (or forgetting something you need) and often waste time.

Instead, make a list of what you need and go to the store on a mission!

Don’t forget some ready-to-go staples.

One of my favorite staples that are great for lunches for myself and the kids is the Costco individually packed grilled chicken slices. We might throw it on top of a salad or pair it with guacamole for some healthy fat.


#3. Don’t Forget To Prep Your Veggies

If you find yourself throwing away produce because it goes bad, you definitely want to try this tip! Spend a few minutes after you get home prepping all of your veggies and portioning them out into containers so they are grab-and-go!

Try these tips this weekend to help set yourself up for the week next week and let me know how it goes!



Check out our beginners guide to meal prep here!


If you would like more tips or specific guidance on how to meal plan/prep, make an appointment with me.

We offer 45 minute Nutrition/Wellness strategy sessions and we can create a plan for you.

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