April 2023

Get to know Anne’s Success Story at Fit2Live Below!

This month’s spotlight is on the supportive, engaging and focused morning bird Anne Seaman!

Anne has been kicking butt at Fit2Live since October of 2018.

In that time Anne has seen some serious fitness gains. Anne likes to stay active inside and outside of the gym, riding her bike daily, playing volleyball and sailing on the weekends!

She invested in her health and fitness to ensure that she could continue to thrive with her physical extracurricular activities.

She is also going head on into her next decade of life with more fitness than she has ever had!

She is a regular staple in the 6am and 7am morning classes, always supporting her fellow F2L’ers and humbly working hard.

For these reasons and many more, Anne has been chosen as our member of the month for April. 

Tell us a little about yourself, where you’re from, what you do outside of Fit2Live, family, hobbies, etc.

I grew up in Colorado and moved to NW Indiana after college where I met my husband, Ken.  I was a YMCA Director. He was a swim coach.  We’ve been married for 33 years now and have successfully ‘launched’ two young men into the world. I still have family in Denver and travel there 3-5 times a year to visit. Ken’s people are in NW Indiana and Chicago.  So we have frequent trips there as well. I am gainfully employed in what is my 4th career.  After the YMCA,   I was an income tax preparer and trainer while our kids were little.  Then I worked at Eastern Michigan University as a first-year experience instructor, which led to a big National Science Foundation STEM education grant.  After that I became a health care data analyst specializing in data visualization.  I just started a new job as a ‘data journalist’ ~ still in healthcare.

When and why did you get started at Fit2Live?

Stephanie Sullivan encouraged my to try Crossfit.  I was commuting to work by bicycle and swimming every morning. I think I was also playing volleyball once a week too,  She thought I would like it.  And she predicted that Sharon and I would click.  I did.  We have.  Now has been…a long time.

What is your favorite part of Fit2Live, what keeps you coming back?

I really like rolling out of bed, and into class, not having to think about what we’re doing. I just show up, and the coach says ‘do this’ and I say, ‘OK coach’. Done. I like the variety. I like the intensity. And I truly love my 6:00am and 7:00am crew. And, after doing Fall Brawl, I know that the culture of support permeates every class, every day. It’s the best.

You are an avid sailor and volleyball player. What do you like about both of those activities and how has Fit2Live helped you with both of them?

True. Do a gazillion squats and you are suddenly able to jump higher. Do a ba-jillion push-ups, Conan’s, cleans and presses, and you get a pretty powerful serve and hit. Do freakin’ boatload of sit-ups, Russian twists, hollow body rocks and you can hike-out longer on a beat leg. Think of holding a full out leg extension on the GHD. The boats we sail are small and very athletic. Anybody interested, let me know. My husband needs crew! (And he is definitely the best skipper to learn with ~ very calm, very clear about what you need to do, very fun & positive.)

You have the big 6-0 birthday coming up. What’s one thing you wish you knew when you were 30 that you know now?

People who know me now wouldn’t believe that I was a pretty uptight person at one time. I thought I could MAKE people happy, sad, angry and so I tried to control situations (and people). I thought I needed to know exactly what was going to happen in order to be successful. It’s emotionally exhausting just describing it. What I learned is that I can adapt and adjust much faster than I can plan out all the scenarios. I don’t really NEED to know all the details. I’m an intelligent person with basic competency who is aware of the situation and open to change. And asking for help is a strength not a concession or failure.
It will all work out in the end… if it’s not worked out; then it’s not the end.

Describe your perfect day for your 60th birthday, with no limits on money or responsibility?

Birthday wish: Sharing a little celebration w friends and family – cupcakes for everyone!
And burpees of course :).

If you could travel to any place in the world tomorrow, where would you go and why?

I would go back to Belgium. We spent 2 years living in Belgium on foreign assignment where I learned to speak Dutch well enough to order Chinese take-out over the telephone.  I also discovered a love for dark beer (Kasteel Trippel), dark chocolate (Leonidas), and Belgian playgrounds. (They had 30 foot high rope playscapes and ziplines, and many terrifyingly fun things ~ all unattended.) The best part was that while the kids go play, the parents drink beer, or koffee with chocolates. I learned to parent with benign neglect just like the locals. I recommend it highly.

You are a regular 6am’er but you have also been kicking butt with the Masters crew at 7am. What do you like about working out in the morning and tell us about what you like about the Masters classes.

I talked about the mornings in above.  I am just a morning workout person. I had a few persistent injuries  this last year~ strained achilles, glitchy shoulder, patellar tendinitous. Spoiler alert: when you get older, it takes longer to heal.  And if you don’t warm-up really, really well, then it takes even longer than that!  So coming to 7:00am classes has allowed me to do my PT warm-up for an extra 20+ minutes before class. Working out with Sharon and the Masters class is just another kind of fun.  I love how committed everyone is to getting stronger and healthier a little bit at a time. Sometimes folks feel intimidated, but I feel grateful that I can tell them, “It’s okay, take your time. You can do this.”  And we all do finish together.  It’s supportive.  We laugh at ourselves.  We look out for each other.  It’s terrific.

If you could make the workout “Anne”, what would it look like (movements, repetitions, etc)?

I have no idea if this is even reasonable but I wanted to create a birthday WOD for myself.

4 rounds of 20 – ALL THE TOYS!

20 Wallballs

20 Kettlebell Swings

20 Box step-ups

20 Slam balls

20 Paralette dips

20 Alternating DB snatch

20 Hang power clean

In between the rounds mixte cardio:
Round 1) 500m row,
2) 500m run or ski,
3) 963m bike

= 1963m total

Cash out 60 birthday burpees for me! 4.20.1963

OK I’m pretty sure that that isn’t reasonable.

Pick one for each category:

Favorite Movie: Young Frankenstein

TV Show: MI5 (aka Spooks )

Song: Could it Be (Diavaul) by Colin Seaman – my oldest 🙂

Book: Man’s Search for Meaning – Viktor Frankl

Quote:  The last human freedom is to choose one’s own attitude. – Viktor Frankl

What is at the top of your bucket list currently?

I’m saving up for a fancy electric tandem so we can do really long bicycle tour of the entire Mississippi river.

What future fitness goal are you currently working towards?

In July, I am competing in the National Senior Games in Pittsburgh in Women’s Volleyball ~ age 60 division. The tournament is about 12 matches over 3 days. It’s pretty tiring.  Lots of ibuprophen and biofreeze.  I want to go in strong and come out without injury~ and a medal would be nice too.