Trying to start a new routine?

Maybe pick up a new healthy habit?

Or reduce a not so great habit?


Have you had immediate success only to get frustrated, or to lose sight of the goal a week in?

Or maybe the excuses started to pop up in your head of “I had one good week of eating healthy and exercising, now I can relax”.


I know I have, it’s frustrating and sometimes demoralizing.


In order to have consistency in our healthy lifestyle habits and to gain serious momentum in making real change in our lives we need to make a mindset shift.


It’s not enough to go through the motions and try to grit your way through a new habit that in your head you don’t really want to do.


Instead of thinking I need to exercise.


I should exercise.


I am trying to exercise.




Your habits must BECOME apart of your identity.


I AM a person who exercises 5 times a week.

I AM a person who moves my body for 20 minutes a day.

Who takes the stairs everyday at work.

I AM a person who eats vegetables and protein with every meal.

I AM someone who says no to alcohol Monday-Friday.

I don’t drink during the week (use it as a matter of fact).

I AM BECOMING a person who reads daily.





The story that you tell yourself WILL reflect the actions that you start taking daily and it WILL become the story that you tell your friends, family, and co-workers.


IT WILL become something and someone that you are proud of.

IT WILL make your journey to new healthy habits that much easier.


We only have so much mental and physical bandwidth to go around.

The more we try to fake it and tell ourselves a lie the more bandwidth we take up trying to overcome that friction in our heads.

It’s that many more decisions we have to make in a day.

If we continue to look for temporary solutions, extreme weightloss plans, crash diets, quick fixes, etc. we will only be setting ourselves up for long term failure.

If we just start becoming the person that we want to be, it makes many decisions that much easier.

The question of will I exercise today becomes I AM going to move my body today because I AM a person who exercises and chooses to be healthy.

If we commit to the longterm change of who we really want to become then and only then will it change our life forever.



Not ready for this mindset shift?

Our coaches at Fit2Live can help reduce the friction in between who you are now and who you want to BECOME.

Just come chat with us.

Your future self will thank you!