Why Leni Needs Fit2Live To Do Her Job

This is Leni:

Leni has been at Fit2Live since January of 2017, fast approaching 7 years with us!

Leni is a staple in the 9am crew and is also a member of the 250 class club (she is fast approaching the 500 club).

Leni is one heck of a nanny in her day job.

She needs every bit of functional fitness she can obtain at Fit2Live to do her job, keeping up with babies and toddlers on the daily.

She often needs to pick up, carry, and run with the kids she takes care of.

Having functional fitness is not an option for her, it’s a necessity.

She often praises her Fit2Live workouts for giving her more strength, stamina, mobility and coordination that she needs to do her job.

You’ll never see her without a smile on her face.

She truly is in her happy place each and every time she is in class at Fit2Live.

Here are a few words from Leni on Fit2Live:

The best gym; the best coaches; the best community. I ❤️ this place !

We think Leni is just as awesome as she thinks we are.

Do you have a reason to increase your functional fitness?

Do you need more strength, mobility, and stamina to keep up with your kids, your dog or maybe just to do your day job?

Perhaps you just need to balance out all of that sitting.

Whatever your functional fitness needs are, we can help you increase your health and functional fitness for life!

We’d love to get you started on your fitness journey with us!

Just book a free consultation with us RIGHT HERE to get your fitness journey started today!

NEXT UP: Meet Dawn, our 750 class club member!


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