OHS and For Time DB WOD

Standard warm up, 8 Minutes to complete:
400m Run/Row or 1000m Bike, 5 forward PVC Rollouts, 5 reverse PVC rollouts, 15 PVC Overhead Squats, 5 Inch Worms + 2 Shoulder Taps at top and bottom, 20 Seal Jumping Jacks, 5 Piked Push-Ups, 5 Strict Chin-Ups, 15 second hollow body hold, 15 second arch body hold,  practice kicking up to handstand in remaining time

Warm up link here


Overhead Squats: 7×3 Build to heavy triple in 15 minutes
3@50, 3@55, 3@60, 3@65, 3@70, 3@75, 3@80%


For time!

  • 10 Double DB Devil Press (25/35)
  • 20 Double DB Hang Power Cleans (25/35)
  • 30 Double DB Reverse Lunges total (arms straight at waist) (25/35)
  • 20 Double DB Hang Power Cleans
  • 10 Double DB Devil Press

Stimulus Goal:

Why Do This Workout? Work on your overhead mobility while also working on your squatting! Both overhead squats and the WOD will work on your lower body strength and overhead positions.

Duration and Feel: Overhead squats will take 15 minutes. Start light and work up to heavier weights. Rest about 30 seconds between early sets, and increase your rest as needed as the weight gets heavier. For the WOD, it should take between 7 and 11 minutes. You should be able to do the first set of devil’s presses unbroken, and the 20 hang power cleans should be about 2 sets. Pick a pair of dumbbells that allows this.

Specific warm-up focus: Warm up the technique of the devil’s press and hang power cleans. Make sure you are using your hips, and not too much of the lower back. Make sure your shoulders and back are open and prepped enough for this workout. That may include some stretches like child’s pose, pigeon, glute band walks, and crossover symmetry.

Scaling Options: Lighter weight or change movements to fit individual needs.



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