Standard warm up, 8 Minutes to complete:
400m Run/Row or 1000m Bike, 5 forward PVC Rollouts, 5 reverse PVC rollouts, 15 PVC Overhead Squats, 5 Inch Worms + 2 Shoulder Taps at top and bottom, 20 Seal Jumping Jacks, 5 Piked Push-Ups, 5 Strict Chin-Ups, 15 second hollow body hold, 15 second arch body hold,  practice kicking up to handstand in remaining time

Warm up link here


Partner Chipper

AMRAP 5 of: 1 Rope climb (alternate every 1 rope climb)

1 minute to rotate

AMRAP 5 of: Farmer’s carry (alternate every 10m down+back)(heavy)

1 minute to rotate

AMRAP 5 of: Slam ball stair carry (alternate every trip up and down the stairs)

1 minute to rotate

AMRAP 5 of: 10 calorie row sprint (Alternate every 10 cals)

1 minute to rotate

AMRAP 5 of: 10 Calorie bike sprint (alternate every 10 cals)

Stimulus Goal:

Why Do This Workout?  Improve your sprinting capacity and ability to work with people!

Duration and Feel: Work hard then rest hard. You are going to be resting a little bit more than you are working, so work hard and sprint fast with whatever you do today. Cheer on your partner and try to get an equal amount of rounds with your partner. 

Specific warm-up focus: Take some time refining rope climb technique.

Scaling Options: Lighter weight on DB or slam ball. The farmer carry weights are up to you, but pick something that’s heavy that you can do for 20 total meters. Rope climb variations can be legless, then you can use a russian, spanish, or j hook wrap. Then you can do a rope climb with your feet on the ground.