A Beginners Guide to Meal Prep

Meal prepping is essential for success in our health and wellness goals! 

Here are 5 steps for making meal planning and prepping a success.


Step 1: Pick 3 staple recipes.

Make sure these are recipes you enjoy so you can look forward to eating them during the week.

Step 2: Plan your staples. 

You need not only main dishes but also snacks, side dishes and veggies.

Step 3: Create a grocery list. 

Do an inventory of your refrigerator and pantry and only purchase what you need.

Step 4: Go grocery shopping! 

But don’t go on an empty stomach, you make better choices if you are not hungry.

Step 5: Meal Prep. 

When you get your groceries home, carve out time to make the meals. Cook the protein, chop the vegetables, portion out the snacks for easy grab and go.


For more details on How to Meal Prep for success, click here and listen to this month’s webinar. 

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