8 minutes to complete: 400m run 5 Bird Dogs each side 5 Forward Rollouts 5 Reverse Rollouts 10 Slow Mountain Climbers 10 Hollow Body Rocks 5 Scapular Pull-Ups 5 Strict Pull-Ups 10 Push-Ups 15 Wall Squats 5 Reverse Lunge + Single Leg RDL each leg M/W/F- Back Plank in remaining time T/TH/SA- Hollow Body Hold in remaining time

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16 Minutes of fun!

Min 1: 6 Hang Power cleans (95/135)

Min 2: Max box jumps

Min 3: 6 Push Jerks (95/135)

Min 4: Max calorie row

*Score is step-ups + calories

*Rest in remaining time after hang power cleans and push jerks.

Stimulus Goal:

Why Do This Workout?

Duration and Feel: Between 45-75 seconds to rest each 3 minute interval, should be an intense/near maximal pace to earn your rest each 3 minute interval.

DB Weight: Should feel moderate-heavy but still allow you to go unbroken through/maintain minimal rest between all 3 complexes each arm. The lunge will be the limiting factor.

Specific warm-up focus: DB complex overview and practice, ankles, double-under practice

Scaling Options: Lighter weight on DB, power jumps or double-unders, low box step-ups for no impact