Why Your New Year’s Resolution Isn’t Working……

Why Your New Year’s Resolution Isn’t Working

Today is June 30th.

By tomorrow over 70% of the people who joined a gym in January will have stopped showing up.

This is a shame, because the real key to fitness and health is consistency and not missing days or taking too many steps backwards.

To build a lifelong fitness practice you need to….

*Find an exercise you like.

*Have to have an appointment to exercise (not just the desire).

*Have to be accountable to someone else (like a coach or training buddy).

Think about the fittest person you know. I’m willing to bet that….

– They love their workout, whether it’s running or pickup basketball or CrossFit.

– They do it at the same time, all the time.

– They have a list of friends who they only know because of their chosen workouts.

These people aren’t more social than anyone else.

They’re not exercise fanatics.

They don’t have more time in their day.

They’re not more disciplined, don’t have more willpower–there’s nothing that makes them “born to be fit”.

It’s actually the other way around:

– They tried a few things until they found something they like.

– They work out because they’ve scheduled their workout in their day, not because they have more ‘free time’ than anyone else.

– They have a coach or a group or a buddy who makes sure they show up on time.

Who’s your fitness buddy?

Do you have a Coach holding you accountable?

Do you like the exercise and are you have fun with the movement activities you’re committing to?

Are you seeing the results you want?

If you want to join a community of supportive, hard working and fun individuals just like you, STOP WAITING!

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We’ve got all of the essentials needed to set you up for success and to make sure your New Year’s resolution becomes a healthy, sustainable, lifestyle change. Not just a temporary hope.

See you soon!


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