Happy Sunday Jousters!


Here we are at the start of another week of fitness fun at Joust!


The CrossFit Open Starts this Thursday, March 11th.


We’ll be completing the first Open workout on Friday, March 11th as the workout of the day in all classes. We will scale The Open workouts appropriately and we’ll achieve the correct stimulus just like any other workout at Joust. 


All About the Open


Weekly Rundown!

We’ll kick this week off with shoulder presses for strength on Monday followed by a for time running and barbell workout. Tuesday’s workout will be 3 minute intervals of burpee box jumps and calories on the rower. We’ll tackle a super countdown workout on Wednesday with double-unders, med ball cleans and knees to elbows. Thursday will be a nice and easy AMRAP 20 of rowing and bodyweight movements. We’ll knock out the first of three CrossFit Open workouts on Friday. The week will be wrapped up with three EMOM 5’s on Saturday of power cleans, pull-ups and burpeese!


Nothing matters unless there is action, literally nothing will change without action.