Happy Sunday everyone!

It’s time to gear up for another great week of fitness!

This will be our final week of fitness as Joust Strength + Fitness, it’s been a great run!

Starting Saturday, May 1st, we will begin the process of starting our new chapter as Fit2Live!


Weekly Rundown

We’ll kick this week of fitness off on Monday with a snatch complex build followed by an AMRAP 12 of a snatch complex and running. Tuesday’s workout will be all about the strict gymnastics with a pyramid of strict dips and chin-ups with a set of double-unders after each. We’ll tackle strict HSPU’s and goblet side lunges for strength/skill on Wednesday followed by a doozy of a countdown workout with deck squats and deadlifts, D&D! Thursday’s active recovery workout will be 3 rounds of core and rowing fun! Friday will be a day for all the burpeese, lunges, and box jumps. We’ll wrap the week up with an EMOM’ing Chief for 15 rounds!


Never whine, never complain, never make excuses. Complaining doesn’t solve problems, it creates them. The more you complain, the more problems you will have.


Have a fantastically great week of working hard towards more functional fitness for life!