Snatches and Flex Friday


8 minutes to complete: 400m run 5 Bird Dogs each side 5 Forward Rollouts 5 Reverse Rollouts 10 Slow Mountain Climbers 10 Hollow Body Rocks 5 Scapular Pull-Ups 5 Strict Pull-Ups 10 Push-Ups 15 Wall Squats 5 Reverse Lunge + Single Leg RDL each leg M/W/F- Back Plank in remaining time T/TH/SA- Hollow Body Hold in remaining time

Watch the Standard Warm-Up Video Here



Snatch: 15 minutes of snatch triples (50%, 55%, 60%,70%,75%,80%,85%. Repeat sets of 3 until 15 minutes are done)

Flex Friday after snatches

In 10 minutes, 3 Rounds of:

  • 10 Strict dips
  • 10 Pendlay rows

Right into 3 Rounds of (in 10 minutes):

  • 10 Barbell curls
  • 10 Barbell skull crushers

For snatch technique progression, practice 3 position power snatches, then 3 position squat snatches with PVC/barbell.  The 3 positions are from high hang/tall positions (hips barely bent), then the second position is from at or right above the knee (ATK), and the third position is from the floor/mid shin.  Once you have done the 3 position snatches for both power snatches and squat snatches, you may begin 15 minutes of squat snatch triples.  Start light, and add weight until you get to what feels like 85%, then repeat that weight. The weight should be moderately heavy, but not so heavy that your form is falling apart completely. Rest about 90 seconds or as needed between sets.  You may drop and reset each rep if you have bumper plates on the bar.  If you are tight, or if form is lacking, it’s okay if your snatches look like power snatches, just make sure you finish the rep with an overhead squat.
After snatches you have 2, 10 minute sections of raw bodybuilding style strength work!  Make sure you go heavy and hard enough to need about 90 seconds to 2 minute rest after the pendlay rows, and therefore you should be using the whole 10 minutes.  If you are done in 4 minutes… WRONG! You may not pass go, you may not collect 200 dollars.  Add weight, add difficulty, try again.

Skull crushers:

Pendlay Rows:



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