Hello all! Another great week of fitness is upon us!

This week is a great week of fitness that will have some great coaching progressions built in to the workouts. Monday is a series of kipping pull up work along with a bunch of light weight bardio (barbell cardio). Tuesday’s workout will have shoulder presses, snatches, burpees, and lateral barbell hops. Back squats and a short burner workout will be on Wednesday. Thursday will be an EMOM with rope climbs, push ups, and core. Friday is Coach Mandie’s epic birthday workout. Saturday is a 30 minute chipper with cleans, toes to bar, and calories. Also, the iso push up holds go up to 30 seconds this week.

Enjoy all of the barbell this week!

Happy Birthday Coach Mandie!

Have fun, work hard, and check BTWB for more details.