How Nutrition Coaching is Helping Mike lower his A1C and prepare for a healthy retirement

Mike started working out at Fit2Live in January of 2023 as part of a deliberate effort to feel better, move better and live a long, healthy life that included an active retirement. He began in our nutrition and wellness coaching program in May after realizing that it would take more than counting calories to lower his A1C and enjoy a lifestyle of health.


Here is what Mike has to say about his experience over the last 6 months.

1) What prompted you to sign up for nutrition/wellness coaching? 

I came to Fit2Live to get in shape for an eventual retirement to a farm in Portugal and to get ahead of health issues that will only be harder to deal with as I age.  While I made a lot of progress with my strength, functional movement, endurance and joint pains through my work at the gym, I wasn’t making progress with my elevated Hemoglobin A1C, a marker for those at risk of becoming diabetic.  I was slowly gaining muscle, but I wasn’t losing any fat.  So while my A1C was stabilized, it was still too high for my liking and my exercise regimen alone wasn’t lowering it. At Ryan’s suggestion, I decided to tackle the nutritional aspect of my long term, pre-retirement goals and signed up for the program to work with EJ!

2) What have you learned over the last 6 months? 

I have learned better, longer term and sustainable habits on how to approach my eating and to achieve my goals of losing weight to lower my A1C.  I have learned how to better plan my meals AHEAD of time and not in the moment with what happens to be in the refrigerator or on a menu at a restaurant. The plate method was great and simple to learn and also the many ways to assemble a healthy, filling and nutritious plate of food.  I have learned the many options for proteins healthy carbs and healthy fats so I have a balanced variety of foods to choose from.  

My past attempts to lose weight were all about withholding all things (good and bad) and just eating less. That approach isn’t sustainable long term and it really sucks to trying to do it long term anyway!  The habits I am learning feel sustainable for me compared to my earlier attempts and are a whole lot more pleasurable. Since joining the program, every day isn’t perfect with how I eat, and that is ok, as long as I keep my long term goals in mind and don’t beat myself up about it and quit.  

3) What would you tell someone who is considering signing up for nutrition/wellness coaching?

Much like my experience joining the gym, the nutritional coaching is a judgement free and very supportive zone. I feel better now that I eat better.  Also, EJ is an excellent accountability partner and a great nutritional strategist on how to best meet your goals in a way that will be sustainable and hopefully lifelong habits. 

Lastly, six months since joining the nutritional coaching program at Fit2Live, I am still adding muscle but now I am reducing my fat reserves and have slowly been lowering my A1C!  

Mike’s retirement project, renovating a farmhouse in Portugal

Great work Mike! You are a valuable member at Fit2Live and you embody the focus on working to get 1% better each day through habit change and consistency. We applaud you on working towards becoming the best version of yourself!

If you would like to step off the path of self deprivation and onto the the path of adding lifelong nutrition habits that will help you toward accomplishing your goals, make an appointment with Coach EJ HERE to hear how nutrition and wellness coaching can be your next best step.

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