Happy Sunday Jousters!

It’s time to gear up for another fun filled week of fitness at Joust!

We’ll kick this week off on Monday with a hang squat snatch build followed by an AMRAP 11 of hang power snatches and lateral box step-overs. Tuesday’s workout will be an EMOM ? working towards 50 total power cleans after a buy-in of burpeese in each minute of work. We’ll tackle a front squat build followed by a wall ball and rowing countdown workout on Wednesday. Thursday will be a very active day full of 20/10 intervals with L-sits, swings, deadlift high pulls and tuck sit-ups. We’ll go out with a bang at the end of the week with the third and final Open workout on Friday followed by a challenging EMOM 18 on Saturday with deadlifts, toes to bar and burpeese!

Your self-image, the way you see yourself on the inside, largely determines your performance on the outside. 


Have an excellently awesome week of training and working towards more functional fitness for life!