Weekly Rundown June 7th-13th

Happy Sunday F2L’ers!


Nutrition Challenge!

*The Fit2Live nutrition challenge will start on Monday, June 14th.

*First meeting will be on Sunday, June 13th from 9-10:00am.

*We’ll knock out new InBody scans this day as well.

Email info@fit2livegym.com to sign-up!

More Details HERE!


This week will mark the start of our new 6 week goals at Fit2Live!

The new 6 week goals will be:

Strength: Cardio Respiratory Endurance (decrease our 1 mile run times)

Skill: Running mechanics and interval work on Wednesdays

Mobility: Runner’s mobility (Lower kinetic chain, ankles, arches, shins, calves, etc.)

These goals will run from June 7th to July 17th 

We will be testing our 1 mile run on Monday to start the 6 weeks goals and we’ll re-test again after week #6. To help us accomplish these goals we will be completing a running interval program every Wednesday. We will start with shorter distances and we’ll build in duration each week. We will also be adding 100 meters to our standard warm-up each week as well as 30 seconds. Both of these linear increases in distance will help us to improve our cardio respiratory fitness and ultimately helping us to set new PR’s in our mile times over the next 6 weeks!

Not up for running? No problem, this will just be a little piece of our programming over the next 6 weeks and will also be a great opportunity to work on your rowing and/or biking endurance instead.

In addition to the running progression we will be balancing out all of the front dominance of running with a single leg hip bridge extension progression after every warm-up we complete throughout the next 6 weeks. If members feel this in the hamstrings or low back have them adjust their foot position or have them switch to a two-legged variation instead.

The progression will be as follows:

Week 1: 10 seconds each leg  Week 2: 15 seconds each   Week 3: 20 seconds each

Week 4: 25 seconds each   Week 5: 30 seconds each   Week 6: 40 seconds each


New Standard Warm-Up!

We’ll also be introducing a new standard warm-up in class this week. This warm-up will be geared towards warming your body up and preparing it to move functionally with some running technique and prep sprinkled on top.

Check out the new warm-up HERE


Weekly Strength Work!

This week we will also be starting our specific strength work back up with deadlifts or shoulder presses every Monday and front squats every Tuesday. Wednesday will be our day for running intervals/technique. Our mobility work will emphasize balancing out the increase in running volume with lower body mobility and rolling out.


Weekly Rundown

We’ll kick the week of WODs off on Monday with “3 rounds for time” involving some barbell and burpee step-ups. Tuesday’s WOD will be an alternating EMOM 12 with ball slams, slam ball cleans and double-unders. We’ll knock out a count-up workout on Wednesday with power snatches and toes to bar. Thursday will be a very active recovery day with an EMOM 15 of shoot throughs, calories on the rower or bike and double kettlebell swings! We’ll wrap the week up with an AMRAP 18 on Friday involving a dumbbell and a box and “The Longest Mile” on Saturday!


“Eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar”






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