May 2024

This month’s spotlight is on the incredibly fun Masters class power couple Sally and Nick Straub!

There is rarely a week where this awesome couple isn’t in the masters classes at Fit2Live 2 times a week.

This dynamic duo consistently show up, work hard, support their fellow classmates and have a blast doing it!

Sally started her Fit2Live journey all the way back in January of 2017 with a 6 week fitness challenge and Nick was volun-told by Sally to join her for classes in April of 2018.

Both Sally and Nick started consistently joining classes again when our Masters program began coming out of the pandemic in 2022 and haven’t slowed down since.

Nick has overcome a heart surgery in that time and both Sally and Nick need all the energy they can get to keep up with their grandchildren.

They are both staples in the masters classes, Sally keeping everyone on task and Nick cracking more than a few jokes to help cope with the burpeese.

Sally and Nick are also newly minted 250 class club members, showing off their sweet red shirts!

For these reasons and many more, Sally and Nick have been chosen as our members of the month for May of 2024!

Tell us about yourselves, where are you from, what you did/do for work, hobbies, what do you do outside of work and Fit2Live?

Sally: I’ve been a Michigan girl all my 62 years. We live in Milan. I was blessed to care for many people as an oncology nurse for 26 years. Recently retired in 2022, now enjoying life as a Grandma! We have two sons: Austin (Grace), Denver (Casey), both are married and we have two beautiful daughter in laws and the best grandson (Knox).

I enjoy spending time with our grandson, Knox. He has a little brother “on the way”, expected to arrive in July. I love to rehab houses or anything that needs a “facelift” and make it beautiful again! I also enjoy working outdoors and gardening. I dabble in quilting.

Nick: I’m from Maybee, MI. I have a BBA in Finance. I ran a demolition company for 30 years. I retired in 2022, but have recently started an environmental company. I enjoy hunting and playing tractors with my 2 year old grandson.

Tell us your love story but spare us some of the sappy details. How did you meet, first date, proposal details, etc.

We met in high school band. Nick attended The University of Toledo and I moved to California.

We got reacquainted in 1983 and married in 1985. We just celebrated 39 years of marriage.

When and why did you get started at Fit2Live?

Sally: I first attended a 6 Week Challenge in 2017. I started going to the gym, like most people do, to “get in shape”.

Nick: I started in 2018 when it was called Joust. I got started because my wife said so.

You two are regulars in the Masters Classes and have been since the beginning of the program. What do you love about the masters classes? What keeps you coming back?

Sally: I love Fit2Live because it is such a “welcoming” environment. All members are friendly and supportive. I love that all the coaches are attentive to each member during workouts and always correcting our form; asking if we have any injuries; adjusting our work out if necessary. Each class, every movement is demonstrated, no matter how seasoned a member is! Sharon is an awesome coach and always very encouraging. I keep coming back because I am stronger and the workout is already planned!

Nick: The Masters Class is a group of great people having fun. I might toss in a joke or two upon occasion. Sharon is a great coach and a good person (she told me to say that).

Nick, you had quite the serious heart surgery awhile ago. Can you tell us about that and tell us a little about how you approached coming back to Fit2Live post surgery? How is your heart doing now after surgery and a couple of years of post surgery classes at Fit2Live?

I had unexpected heart surgery October of 2021. The left anterior descending artery was 97% blocked. They used a mammary artery for the bypass. After cardiac rehab I got back into CrossFit slowly. I have an Apple Watch to keep track of my heart rate. I’m doing great! What really helped me through surgery and my recovery, was the great physical condition I was in prior to surgery because I was actively working out consistently.

Sally, describe Nick in 1 sentence to someone who hasn’t met him. Nick, describe Sally in 1 sentence to someone who has never met her.

Sally: Nick is very intelligent, happy, has a sense of humor and is entertaining.

Nick: If you stick around Sally too long she will put a list of “to do” items in your hand.

How are you two alike and how are you two not alike?

Sally: Alike – We work well together building or rehabbing houses. Not alike: I get up early and get my “to do list” done. I’m organized. Nick is slow to get started and has no organization that I can follow. If he is looking for something I always say “its right where you left it”.

Nick: We are both hard workers, but I will stop… not Sally.

Give us a fun, maybe unknown fact about yourselves.

Sally: I might have danced on the table at our wedding.

Nick: Nick was a drum major. He always wanted to be in politics.

Give yourself a power couple nickname. Now make a power couple workout with that nickname: Maybe wedding anniversary themed. What does it look like movements, reps, rounds, etc.

Name: Nick-shit-fit:
3 rounds of:
Treadmill 5 mins then:
-25 step ups
-25 kb swings
– 10 DB rows each side.
-Then grab a beer!

What is your favorite song, movie, tv show, book, and quote?


Song:??? No favorite, but like all kinds of music.

Movie: Grease

TV Show: Dateline; Bob Hearts Abishola

Book: My sister’s keeper by Jodi Picoult

Quote: No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined what God has prepared for those who love him. 1 Corinthians 2:9


Song: Set ‘em up Joe (Vern Gosdin)

Movie: Batman

TV Show: Hell on Wheels

Book: none

Quote: Speak softly and carry a big stick – Theodore Roosevelt

What is a big goal or bucket list item you want to do or tackle in your future?

Sally: I want to visit every state and every National Park.

Nick: To see Alaska





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