Rundown week of 5/24/2021 – 5/29/2021

Happy Sunday! Summer is here! And so is more awesome and slightly different than normal programming!

Monday will kick the week off with heavy power cleans followed by toes to bar and box jumps… and more power cleans!  Tuesday will be an old school style AMRAP of burpees to a target, wall balls, and kettlebell swings followed by coaches’ delight of isometrics.  Wednesday is Murph prep check in with running and rounds of Cindy. Thursday will be the ultimate EJ rowing workout where members will be forced to row certain calories at certain strokes per minute.  Double unders and sit ups will be sprinkled into that rowing too. Friday is an epic flex Friday workout starting with SQUAT snatches and then bodybuilding.  Saturday is name WOD Diane and then ab rollouts and reverse lunges.  Bam!  Let’s have fun, and remember to drink a lot of water and to roll out calves and lower body often. See you at the gym!


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