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Group CrossFit Classes

Our group classes are all inclusive and universally scalable to give you the BEST workout each time you come into Fit2Live. Our workouts are well balanced,  challenging and FUN!

Personal Training

Personal Training is the best way to meet YOUR goals. Our Fit2Live coaches will learn more about what you want to accomplish and will put the best plan in place to help you achieve your goals!

Nutrition Coaching 

Nutrition is the foundation of fitness. You can’t outwork poor nutrition and you are what you eat. Work with our Nutrition Coaches to make an appropriate plan for healthier lifestyle habits and sustainable results for life!


Benefits & Results


Benefits & Results

Step 1


Schedule A Free

& Tour

Take the first action step towards a healthier life.

Step 2


Create A Plan

Start 1-on-1

Meet with an expert coach to discuss your goals and create your best plan.

Step 3


Use Your Fitness To

Live Your
Best Life

Begin your fitness journey and see results for life with our fitness community!


Success Stories

Great Coaching Staff

“Joining Fit2Live has been one of the best life decisions I have made. I feel good; I feel confident; I feel healthy. The coaches and the members of Fit2Live welcomed me immediately. Without exception, they have supported and encouraged me to be better. Fit2Live has a great coaching staff. Everyone is passionate about our success. I love the focus on safe workouts and the care every coach makes to ensure we all get stronger without injuring ourselves.”

~ Eric Foldenauer

Fun, Friendly Atmosphere

“Fit2Live is the bright spot of my day that that leaves me craving more as soon as I leave :). I feel as though I can push myself in a safe and structurally sound way here. Since joining I’ve felt happier, stronger, and more mobile.The coaches are high-caliber people who empower and foster an incredible community. The atmosphere is fun, friendly, and welcoming. This is an exceptional gym; it’s a safe place for people to test their limits, meet incredible people, and have a blast!”

~ Kaily Daida

Great Community

“From the moment I walked in the door, Fit2Live has been an amazing place to workout. I was a bit nervous at first, but the coaches and community helped me feel comfortable and at home from day . Everyone is very encouraging and push each other to be the best version of themselves. The coaches do an amazing job aiding in the process and focusing on areas to improve. Three years later, 40 pounds less, and amazing friends gained, I couldn’t ask for a better place for fitness in Ann Arbor.”

~ Chad Neumann