What Steven Has Learned From Nutrition Coaching at Fit2Live

Steven joined Fit2Live in August ready to make some changes to his habits and lifestyle.

He has become a positive presence in our classes and is always ready for the workout of the day.

He has learned that having a healthy lifestyle does not have to be restrictive or tedious and he is more energized than ever to take on the things that life throws at him.

He has also gained an impressive 3lbs of muscle and lost 2% bodyfat, more functional fitness!

Read more below about what Steven has to say about his Nutrition Coaching experience so far!


What made you decide to sign up for Nutrition coaching?

Before coming to Fit2Live, I had an interesting nutrition journey. For most of my life, I never really considered what I was eating. I was “young,” worked out regularly, and just figured the rest would take care of itself. When I started practicing law in 2016, I did not really change any habits. Shockingly, I noticed the suits starting to fit juuust a little bit tighter. My solution was to run a marathon and out run my less than stellar nutrition habits. When the marathon ended, and my habits remained unchanged, I went through a pretty long period of eating just to eat. Pizza every other night with dessert, the whole shebang.
My wife and I got engaged and we both decided to get “it” together. We joined an online personal trainer and logged our food religiously for about 2 years. That ended a couple months after the wedding and I fell into some bad habits again. I noticed this summer that I was throwing caution to the wind. I did not want to log, I was just eating randomly and probably drinking too much. When we learned that we were pregnant, and I have hereditary high blood pressure (lol), that was a big wake up call. I knew then that I wanted a mindset that I could use for the rest of my life, not just something that would work for a few months to drop some LBs that would eventually come back.

What is something you have learned over the last 4 months?

It is very difficult to pick just one lesson. Honestly, I think the biggest lesson is you can develop smart habits without being a crazy person. I don’t obsessively log food and I don’t feel restricted by the habits on which I am focusing. If anything, I eat a wider range of foods now than before. It’s an incredible reminder that you can make a healthy life change without drastically altering your life. This is the best I have felt in years and we still go out to dinner, live our life, and have fun. I’m just making conscious choices versus mindlessly eating.

What would you tell someone who is considering nutrition coaching?

No one tells you what to eat! I have said this before in class but it’s a support system versus being told what to do. It feels like a collaborative effort building towards healthy habits. I have always felt very supported and as if I was building for the future. There are habits now that I do without thinking that have made a material difference in my life. It can sound intimidating but it has been an overwhelmingly positive experience.

Additional Thoughts

There are ups and downs in any process. I started nutrition coaching and Fit2Live while my wife is pregnant, shortly before my sister-in-law’s multiple day wedding festivities, through buying and selling a house, and through the fall holidays. It has been a crazy 4 months in my life but the habits I have built have kept me on track. This has been one of the most positive experiences of my life and frankly life changing. Deciding to do this has been one of the best choices I have ever made.

Keep up the great work Steven! 

We look forward to seeing you continue to crush your goals in the gym and in your new role of functionally fit dad.  


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