What is Wellness Coaching?

What is Wellness Coaching? 

At Fit2Live we want you to come to class and enjoy the best hour of your day through fitness and fun. We also want you to gain valuable strength and endurance to be more than functional in your day to day activities. To this end, we know that functional living is about more than just exercise. We know that it is also about your nutrition, hydration, sleep, stress management, support system and your OVERALL lifestyle.

In the nutrition and wellness coaching program at Fit2Live, we take the approach of looking at all aspects of a person’s wellness. We know that your health is more than just what you put in your mouth. If you are eating all your veggies and protein but you are not getting enough sleep, your overall health is not the best it could be. If you are drinking enough water but you are not dealing with your stress in a healthy way, your cortisol levels are likely high and this will hijack your sleep and any weight loss and strength gains goals you may have. 

In the initial consultation we discuss your goals as well as your current habits in all areas of the wellness wheel. We may not work on every area at the same time but we know they are all interconnected and if you are struggling in one area, it may be the reason that you are not seeing the results you are hoping for in another area. 

At Fit2Live we care about your overall wellness.

In classes the coaches will help develop habits of good form and building strength, endurance, and mobility. 

In nutrition and wellness coaching we work on developing healthy habits to address the rest of the aspects of wellness to help you become the best version of yourself!


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