What is Realistic Weight Loss 🤔?

In a society driven by instant gratification, we recognize the allure of seeking swift weight loss results. However, the drawback of rapid weight loss lies in its lack of sustainability..

Our focus is on fostering enduring healthy habits for long-term success, and it all begins with setting realistic goals.

Here are three valuable tips for establishing achievable objectives:

#1 Document Your Goals and Keep Them Visible:

Take the time to articulate your goals and keep them in a prominent place. Reflect on your “WHY” – the reasons behind your aspirations – and envision the emotions associated with achieving both short and long-term goals.

#2 Set Specific Short and Long-Term Goals:

Define your goals with precision. Realistic weight loss typically ranges from 1-2 pounds per week, translating to an average body fat loss of 1-2% per month. Establish goals for each week, month, the next three months, and what you aim to achieve within a year.

#3 Monitor Your Progress:

Rather than frequent weigh-ins throughout the day, we advise checking your weight no more than once a week. Consistency is key, so measure your biometrics at the same time daily, preferably in the morning. Tracking your progress is essential, serving as a source of motivation.

Success breeds motivation. Accomplishing set goals fuels the drive to persevere. Acknowledge that the path to optimal health is not a linear journey. Expect bumps along the way, but with a support system and visible goals, it’s easier to realign.

It is challenging to achieve success without support and accountability. There are many ways to give yourself the tools for success. At Fit2Live, we are here to help. Every quarter we offer our members the opportunity to sit down with one of our coaches and discuss their goals. Our coaches are there to help you create a path to achieve those goals.

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Our nutrition coach is here to help. Coach EJ will help you set realistic weight loss goals and she will help you establish the habits needed to achieve them.

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