Weekly Rundown May 10th-16th

Happy Sunday F2L’ers and Happy Mother’s Day to all of our amazingly strong and awesome moms out there!

It’s time to kick off another great week of fitness at Fit2Live!

We’ll kick this fitness filled week off on Monday with a deadlift build followed by a countdown workout with toes to bar, deadlifts and burpeese! Tuesday’s workout will be a 16 minute blend of EMOM barbell and full minutes of box jumps and calories on the rower! Wednesday’s workout will be a simple and very effective 5 rounds of renegade rows + push-up and wall balls. We’ll keep our body actively recovered on Thursday with an AMRAP 16 of Turkish Get-Ups, shuttle runs and tuck sit-ups! Friday’s workout will be the 30 minutes of fun workout repeat from a couple of years ago (July 2019), there will be running and a heavy squat clean involved! We’ll wrap the week up with an AMRAP 21 of pull-ups, push-ups, lunges and double-unders!

“The more you move, the easier it is to keep moving. Maintain the momentum.”

That’s a wrap on this rundown. Have a fantastically awesome week of training and coaching our members towards more health, fitness, and life!



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