Weekly Rundown March 29th-April 3rd


Happy Sunday Jousters!

It’s that time again, time for more health and fitness at Joust!

We’ll kick this week off on Monday with a pause overhead squat build for strength followed by a for time workout with rowing, dumbbell hang power snatches, box jumps and split lunge jumps! Tuesday will be a day for all the clean and jerks with some bodyweight movements on top in a minute of work, minute of rest format. Wednesday’s workout will be all about running and pull-upping with a for time workout. Thursday will be a core and cardio crusher of a workout, get to class and enjoy! We’ll tackle 12 rounds for time on Friday with heavy deadlifts, bar muscle-ups and burpee box jumps, oh my! The week will be wrapped up on Saturday with 5 rounds of hang power cleans and wall balls.


Exercise is a keystone habit. Meaning it unintentionally carries over into other aspects of your life with other healthy lifestyle habits. The more you exercise, the more conscious you are of what you eat, the better you sleep, the less you drink, the less stressed you are, the more productive you are, the greater you feel and more!


Have a fantastically great week of training and kicking fitness butt!



4 Daily Habits Our Nutrition Coach Recommends

Are you curious about which daily habits our nutrition coach recommends for maintaining optimal health? We understand that achieving a healthy lifestyle can be challenging,

Keep It Simple

If you’re just starting your fitness journey, here’s my top secret: Keep It Simple. Get up a bit earlier. Go outside before you have breakfast.


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