Happy Sunday Jousters!

It’s that time again, time for another week of fitness fun at Joust!

We’ll kick this week off on Monday with a deadlift build followed by an alternating EMOM 14 with dumbbell presses and running! Tuesday will be a day for TGUs, single leg RDLs, lateral lunges for strength followed by a 2k row, bringing all of our rowing work this winter full circle! Wednesday’s workout will be a countdown WOD with hang power snatches, overhead squats, box jumps and double-unders, oh my! We’ll have a great active recovery Thursday workout with 5 total rounds of dynamic mobility movements followed by some gymnastics with chin-ups, air squats and v-ups! Friday will be one heck of a chipper WOD with the double single dumbbell dirty 30 workout! We’ll wrap the week up with plenty of grunt work in the form of rope climbs, sled pushes, farmer’s carry and slam ball run!

All improvements in your outer life begin on the inside, in your mental pictures and your inner voice.

Have an excellently awesome week of training and working hard at your happy place!