Weekly Rundown 5/17-5/22/2021

Hello Fit2Live!

I hope you all had a great weekend.  We have some fun programming coming this week.  Check it out.

Monday will be Tempo front squats with a 21-15-9 thruster and toe to bar couplet after.  Tuesday is a lot of time under tension with 5 rounds of dumbbell cleans, farmer carries, and reverse lunges.  Wednesday will have barbell strict presses and a triplet of single leg v-ups, bar facing burpees, and double unders.  Thursday will start with a dynamic warm up then some rowing and core work followed by coaches’ choice of mobility with left over time.  Funky Friday will start with Rogue’s awesome challenge, “The Bella Bar Complex,” and will follow with 3-9-15-9-3 deadlifts and burpee box jumps.  Saturday is a good week capper with a chipper consisting of running, pistols, pull ups, air squats, and sit ups!  We have just about all of the stuff this week!

We will be doing the Rogue Barbell challenge in class either way, but if you want to officially sign up click here.


Before you sign off, remember…

You are the master of your fate
You are the captain of your soul

Let’s choose to be awesome and tenacious.  We will see you in class.

Have a great week!



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