Wednesday Recovery Workout!


8 minutes to complete: 400m run 5 Bird Dogs each side 5 Forward Rollouts 5 Reverse Rollouts 10 Slow Mountain Climbers 10 Hollow Body Rocks 5 Scapular Pull-Ups 5 Strict Pull-Ups 10 Push-Ups 15 Wall Squats 5 Reverse Lunge + Single Leg RDL each leg M/W/F- Back Plank in remaining time T/TH/SA- Hollow Body Hold in remaining time

Watch the Standard Warm-Up Video Here

Wednesday Recovery day this week:

1 Minute each station, 4 Rounds

  • Farmer Hold left, (35/50)
  • Bear crawl in square
  • Farmer Hold right
  • Single unders
  • DB Overhead hold (30 sec each arm)
  • Row
  • Rest


  • 2 minutes seated shoulder extension stretch with fingers forward
  • 2 minute pigeon pose each side
  • 2 minute calf stretch each side

Because we have 2 birthday workouts this week, one which is falling on Thursday, we are going to do a Wednesday recovery workout.  1 minute each station.  Going from one righ to the next without any rest between the minutes.  First movement is a simply just holding a dumbbell down to the side for a minute.  Keep core engaged, try not to lean.  The bear crawl will be done in the shape of the squares on the floor.  So for example, bear crawl forward from one corner to the next, bear crawl side ways to the next corner, bear crawl backwards, bear crawl going side ways going the other way… hopefully you get the picture.  Next minute is single unders for a minute.  Feel free to get fancy and do some single leg jumps or maybe even some doubles.  Next minute is a single arm overhead DB hold.  Do 30 seconds each arm, switch quickly.  Start with the less strong arm. Next minute is row, followed by a minute of rest. Hit the prescribed stretches after the workout.



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