*7 minutes to complete the following:
25m skip forward, 25m skip backwards, 700m run, 5 inch worm + 2 push-ups, 5 Front scale + back scale each leg, 10 hollow body rocks, 5 strict pull-ups, 15 wall squats, figure 4/Wall Drill (5 each leg then jogging against wall)

Watch the Standard Warm-Up Video Here


“Tiger Blood” 

3 Rounds for time of: 

  • 10 Clean and Jerks (95/135) 
  • 400m Run 

Goal=Under 12 minutes


AMRAP 8 of: Sled Push (25’s/45’s) 

-Groups of 3, 1 partner pushes while other partners jog alongside sled until it is their turn. Switch as needed.

Stimulus Goal:

Why Do This Workout? Functional fitness makes you harder to kill. You will get better at moving heavy objects from the ground to overhead, and running hard. 

Duration and Feel: Goal is under 12 minutes for Tiger blood, so really turn up the intensity to get it done. You should have a weight on the bar that you could do 10 unbroken clean and jerks when you’re fresh. You may need to split the reps up for rounds 2 and 3 though. The sled push will be 1 part high intensity sled push, and 2 parts recovery running pace along side your partner pushing the sled. 

Specific warm-up focus: Warm up shoulders and the “jerk” movement. warm up hips and back for cleans and sled pushes. Barbell RDLs and PVC roll outs would be good. 

Scaling Options: Lighter weight on BB, lighter weight on sleds.