Rundown week of 8/2/21 – 8/7/21

Our main goal over the next 6 weeks is to get more comfortable, stable, and organized being inverted and holding a wall supported handstand and/or freestanding handstand. If we can also increase their strict HSPU then that’s even better.
This week we will also be re-starting our strength work with overhead squat strength every Monday. We’ll be tackling some different strength work on Wednesdays over the next 6 weeks, ranging from single leg work, to split jerks, to complexes and deadlifts, oh my! Our specific skill work in HSPU’s will be on Tuesdays starting with the basics and then taking steps forward each week with our handstand positions and variations.
Monday is a for time WOD of burpee broad jumps and slam ball work. Tuesday is an AMRAP 14 with lateral step overs, KB deadlift high pulls, and cal row. Wednesday has strict pull ups, hang squat cleans, and ring dips. Thursday is 3 rounds of running, abs, and kb swings. Friday is a very enduring EMOM 20 with dumbbells and jump ropes. Saturday is partner IGO-UGO AMRAP 5s with rope climbs and other functional fitness sprinting exercises.
We have a big week ahead! Buckle up!


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