New 6 Week Goal- Pull-Ups!
Starting Monday, November 15th, we’ll be kicking off another 6 week goals cycle, this time working on more pull-up strength!

We’ll tackle 2 specific days of pull-up work each week on Mondays and Fridays and we’ll add in some supplement lat strength throughout the week in WODs and in the new standard warm-up.

We’ll kick the new goals off with a max strict pull-up test on Monday, November 15th in all classes. Take it slow and steady and know that there will be plenty of opportunity for improvement.

We’ll also be knocking out front squat strength work every Tuesday in class for the next 6 weeks as well, woot woot!
This week will consist of all things body weight movements and calorie sprints on Monday. Tuesday is tempo front squats followed by 6 rounds of barbell and double unders. Wednesday is a pistol progression followed by toes to bar and devils presses. Thursday is an AMRAP 20 of dips, ring rows, and core work. Friday will be pull ups followed by a for time workout full of all of the crossfit. Saturday is broken up Angie. Prepare for a week of sore lats.