Today’s WOD (Workout Of the Day) at Joust Strength + Fitness Ann Arbor, MI


New Standard Warm-Up:
5 Dead bugs each side 5 Prone Angels 5 PVC Forward Rollouts 5 PVC Reverse Rollouts 10 Alternating World’s Greatest Stretch Rotations 5x Inch Worm + Push-Up + Squat to Hamstring Stretch 400m Row 10 Alternating Side Lunges 15 Overhead Squats Burpeese in remaining time!

Watch the Standard Warm-Up Video Here



Workout video brief


No standard warm-up, right into the stations after demo’ing for the station #1! Lead members through each one. Their rest will be the time it takes to explain the next station.

Full Body Recovery Stations!

5 Minutes at each station, work at a nice and easy pace doing as many rounds as possible in that 5 minute window, not at a maximal pace. 

Start each 5 minute station with a 200m row, only row 200m once each 5 minute station.

Station 1: Mobility!

Row 200m then:

5 Cat/Cows

5 World’s Greatest Stretch + Rotation each side

Station 2: Glutes!

Row 200m then:

10m Lateral mini band walk d+b in station (band just below knees) 

10 Mini band hip bridge extensions (band just below knees)

Station 3: Core!

Row 200m then:

10 Toe Touches

10 Second Hollow Body Hold

5 Hollow Body Rocks

Station 4: Lats!

Row 200m then:

10 Band Pull-Aparts

5 Side Plank Rotations each side

Station 5: Shoulders!

Row 200m then:

5 I, Y, T raises (add 2.5-5lbs plates if possible)

10 Alternating shoulder taps

Stimulus Goal:

Why Do This Workout?

To move your body actively in an actual active recovery Thursday format ;). 

You’ll feel engaged and recovered when this workout is all said and done.

Volume and Feel: Nice and easy throughout. Try to make it 2-3 times through each prescribed set of activities in each 5 minute station after the 200m row is complete.

Specific warm-up focus: Overview of next station coming up.

Scaling Options: 
Lighter band for mini walks.

At Home Options: 1 minute of cardio of your choice to start each station. Single leg abductions if no mini band for lateral walks. Scapular push-ups if no strength band for pull-aparts.