Pump and Jumps!


New Standard Warm-Up:
5 Dead bugs each side 5 Prone Angels 5 PVC Forward Rollouts 5 PVC Reverse Rollouts 10 Alternating World’s Greatest Stretch Rotations 5x Inch Worm + Push-Up + Squat to Hamstring Stretch 400m Row 10 Alternating Side Lunges 15 Overhead Squats Burpeese in remaining time!

Watch the Standard Warm-Up Video Here


Workout Brief

For time:

15 Box jumps buy in (20/24)

Then 5 Rounds:

  • 5 Chin ups
  • 5 Dips

15 Box jumps 

Then 5 Rounds

  • 10 Bear hug reverse lunges (20/30)
  • 10 Ground to over shoulder (20/30)

15 Box jump cash out

This entire workout should take somewhere between 13 and 17 minutes.  You have box jumps 3 different times in the workout.  The first 5 rounds will move a little slow as strict chin ups and dips will take a moment.  Use bands as needed for the chin ups, or go to ring rows if needed.  Use rings, matadors, or parallettes for the dips.  For the chin ups and dips, the sets of 5 should be unbroken every time but should be challenging.  The bear hug lunges and ground to over the shoulder will be done with a slam ball.  10 lunges total, and 10 over the shoulder total. 

At home:  Do 5 supinated rows each arm instead of chin ups.  Do chair dips for dips.  Hold a dumbbell or kettlebell goblet style for the lunges, and do 10 alternating power cleans from the ground to replace the ground to over the shoulder. Tuck jumps instead of box jumps.



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