Member of the Month- Tian Guo

December 2018

Get to know Tian’s Success Story at Fit2Live Below!

Tian has been with us at Fit2Live for a little over a year. She has already left a lasting impression on our coaches and community in a short amount of time. Tian consistently comes to class with a smile on her face, an eager desire to want to get better, and a positive, no excuses attitude towards trying new things. For these reasons and many more, Tian has been chosen as our member of the month!

Learn more about Tian and her CrossFit journey below!

Tell us a little about yourself, where you’re from, what you do outside of Fit2Live, family, hobbies, etc.

I’m a postdoctoral research fellow at Umich studying human behaviors and communication related to Great Lakes protection. I’m originally from China (Taiyuan to be more accurate) and this is my tenth year in the States. As a single person, my life is quite simple. Outside work and Fit2Live, I lead worship at my church, so a lot of singing and sometime dancing…. I also read non-fiction books for fun because I am a big nerd (Nerds rule the world!).

When and why did you get started at Fit2Live?

I started at Fit2Live about a year ago through my friend/colleague Freya who moved to Yale a few months ago :(.  I was doing Zumba at that time (dancing…), but really wanted to do something intensive. I grew up as an obese kid and spent most of my childhood and adolescence studying (very common for my generation of Chinese kids, it may have changed now). I started to do TRX and a little bit of barbell in graduate school to manage stress. When I moved to Ann Arbor, I missed the grinding part of workouts, then I found Fit2Live. It is a perfect fit.

Proudest CrossFit moment/achievement to date?

24 inch box jump. Can’t do ten in a row, but maybe 3? It feels good to conquer the fear and standing tall. Nerds rule the world!

If you could travel to any place in the world tomorrow, where would you go?

Japan. I love the culture and food. I studied a little bit of Japanese in college too.

What is a daily habit/routine that you have that you feel makes a difference in your life or one that you feel is unique to yourself?

From time to time, I fast on TV/YouTube (but not a daily routine per se…). I often use watching YouTube as a way to rest my fried brain, but sometimes it gets addictive and drains me in the similar way as fast food. So when I intentionally not turn on the TV at all for a few days, it helps reset my leisure pattern. Did I mention my PhD was in parks, recreation and tourism? We spent a lot of time discussing the philosophical and health implications of leisure… Nerds rule the world!

If you could make the workout “Tian”, what would it look like (movements, repetitions, etc)?


For time
50 Power Snatches (65/95)

100 meters of Inchworms (no push-up)(who is the fastest moving worm?)

100 Air Squats

50 not-hurting-the-back deadlift at 50% of your one-rep max

If you could describe Fit2Live in 3 words, what would they be?

Fun, professional, chasing excellence.

Pick one of each, favorite movie, tv show, song and book of all time for you?

Movie: Lord of Rings Trilogy

Song: Too many and always changing…

TV show: Okay, I don’t watch that many tv shows nowadays. But my favorite YouTube channel is Jolly, which is about two British gentlemen introducing Korean culture. (If you are curious, Twoset Violin is my second favorite YouTube Chanel).

Book: um…. too many and always changing

What CrossFit/fitness goal are you currently working towards the most?

I really want to do a pull-up. All cool kids seem to be able to do it, but it seems very difficult. Anyway, no excuse, working on it….Related to that, I want to reduce my body fat percentage to a more healthy range.


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