Sarah Alzahid-Member of the Month December 2022!

December 2022

Get to know Sarah’s Success Story at Fit2Live Below!

This month’s spotlight is on the hard working, up for anything, always pushing Sarah Alzahid! Sarah has been a great member at Fit2Live since September of 2021. Sarah consistently shows up to class with a smile on her face and a genuinely positive attitude with her. She is always eager to attack the workout of the day and to put forth her best effort. She is an active member in the Fit2Live community. Anytime Sarah is in class, she immediately elevates everyone’s work ethic, camaraderie and fun. Sarah also makes time for her fitness on top of her busy nurse practitioner school schedule, she does it all! For these reasons and many more, Sarah has been chosen as our member of the month for December.

Learn more about Sarah and her fitness journey at Fit2Live below!


Tell us a little about yourself, where you’re from, what you do outside of Fit2Live, family, hobbies, etc.

I was born and raised in Saudi Arabia (the desert), I worked as an ER nurse for a few years and loved being in that chaotic adrenaline rush feeling and I also like teaching the new generation of nurses so I became a faculty in the critical care specialty at an awesome university which sent me here to continue my education in lovely Michigan.

Other than my career, I have one sister and two brothers, I am the youngest among them. I have three beautiful nephews which I miss very dearly. We recently added a new member to the family, my eldest brother got married in October which I surprised my family and attended his wedding.

I don’t believe I have hobbies outside of CrossFit, I like walking and reading books but mostly I love watching movies and series.


When and why did you get started at Fit2Live?

Before coming to the US I joined a CrossFit and honestly fell in love, I used to do powerlifting and bodybuilding but they didn’t hit the spot. I wanted more conditioning and something high-intensity.

I can’t go on in life and not exercise, I googled the nearest CrossFit gym and visited the site, and fell in love with the atmosphere and the community at Fit2Live, it felt like home.


What is your favorite part of Fit2Live, what keeps you coming back?

The community, the great coaches. I feel supported in every aspect.


Give us a brief summary of a busy day in the life of Sarah.

I wake up every morning at around 6 am get myself breakfast and coffee it’s a must, then work on-campus, then go to classes, get to the gym around 4:30 then go back home and do homework. Sometimes I go out and have dinner with friends, or stay in and cook traditional Arabic food but nothing is like my mom’s cooking.

I finished my clinical hours not so long ago, I used to wake up at 5 am then get to work which was 10 sometimes up to 12 hours then get to Fit2Live and get back home and crash!

Sometimes I feel like a machine every day is the same thing. I miss back home and my friends and family where I believe I wasn’t a machine and actually socialized with people.


You are currently well on your way to becoming a Nurse Practitioner. What are your next steps in your journey of Nursing and how has Fit2Live/CrossFit helped you to balance out your busy school schedule?

Well I need to be board certified before I can practice any NP things. NP is still very new in Saudi Arabia and I’m planning to do my Ph.D. degree next year to make the dream of NP come true in my country and make our healthcare system better.

I know that you might not need a PhD degree to pursue that dream but I do believe that it will direct me toward that goal.


You are a regular in Coach Brandon’s Endurance class. What keeps you coming back and what do you like about Endurance class?

Oooooh, I love endurance classes, the atmosphere is different it’s always challenging and creative. Brandon always finds a creative way for the warm-ups and workouts and I feel so bad during the workouts but afterward, I feel even worse hahaha.. No but honestly I feel fitter and it’s good for your cardiovascular.


If you could travel to any place in the world tomorrow, where would you go and why?

Italy, it’s the best in everything, food, people, scenery, and history.


If you could make the workout “Sarah”, what would it look like (movements, repetitions, etc)?

5 Rounds for time of:

5 Hang Power Cleans (95/135)


15 Push Presses

30 Deadlifts

Favorites! (I hate this question because I can’t choose, there are way too many good things out there and I can’t limit myself to one thing) 

Movie: Ugh there are so many! (pulp fiction, tenet, gone girl, the dark knight, harry potter…)

TV show: Game of Thrones (Minus the ending, like why? why?!!)

Song: It depends on my headspace, but recently is Call me every day by Chris Brown featuring Wizkid.

Book: A million little pieces.

Quote:  “I wish I could, but I don’t want to.” – Phoebe Buffay


What daily habit has changed your life for the better?

Sleeping early and waking up early are the best.


What future fitness goal are you currently working towards?

I look forward to butterfly pull-ups, handstand walks, and hopefully a muscle up!



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